The World Is Disgusting

The world’s actually quite beautiful if you look at it through the right lens.



  1. Proscribed by society as improper or unacceptable:

Synonyms: prohibited, banned, forbidden, proscribed.

Antonyms: allowed, permitted, permissible; sanctioned.

“Why the fuck are you talking about that? That’s not right, don’t you understand that?”

No, I absolutely do not understand that. In this world, with the amount of outlets we have at our disposal, it is mind boggling to me why we still shy away from speaking our minds. Why we shy away from speaking about issues or concerns that make us want to punch our computer screens in the face. The fear of criticism and rejection and ridicule tends to outweigh our decision-making when it comes to speaking up.

Mental health. Immigration. Racial bias. Gender discrimination. Sexuality. Instagram ‘models’ (how I wish you could see me frantically air quoting). The fact that everyone poops. Homosexuality. Women and their periods. The fucking Kardashians (I put that in here oh-so-carefully, because realistically I hate those people and everything they stand for, and if it were up to me they wouldn’t be mentioned within mainstream society ever again. Unless OJ. Only unless OJ). Why it’s frowned upon and socially unacceptable to utter the phrase Merry Christmas. The ‘New Year, New You’ bullshit. Handicapped people – seriously, I honestly believe just reading that word handicapped makes people uncomfortable for some reason. Selfies, and nude selfies, and objectifying yourself across social media with a fishing pole. Fair play among youth sport – if you’re not good enough, you’re not good enough. Dad bod’s.

The state of the world is both exhilarating and exhausting, but it depends on your outlook and where you find joy in life. This world we live in is fantastic in the grand scheme of things – amazing places to travel and relatively amazing people. That being said, there are tons of people who don’t deserve to be here. It makes me wonder whether or not Bertram Zobrist was right-on-point in Inferno (you know, the whole the world has to purge itself of overpopulation before overpopulation purges us of the world idea). Before you jump on that, think about it.

Social media is a great platform to use our voice. It allows us to share our opinions and engage in conversations with people and businesses we otherwise wouldn’t. Not because we cant but because more often than not we would avoid those situations normally in fear of what to say.

So I want to ask you a few things. Does something piss you off? Does something or someone make your mind run rampant at night while lying in bed? Does the thought of gender equality chap your ass? But, mainly, if these instances make you angry, or annoyed, or disappointed, or even happy for that matter – voice your opinion. I hate that we live in a world where the idea of being ridiculed for our own opinions outweighs the idea of actually voicing those opinions.

Seriously, who cares what other people think? If you do, then you have more personal issues to deal with. Even if you care what other people think of you, what’s the worst they can do? Challenge your assumptions? God forbid. Oh no, oh god, now you have to stand up for yourself.

Stop being a pussy. Do what makes you happy. Talk about what makes you sad. Speak about ideas and concerns and social-norms that you don’t agree with. Because lets be candid here, and this goes back to early elementary school days for me, there is no stupid question or stupid assumption, because chances are you are not the only one in the room thinking what you’re thinking. Chances are there are multiple other people in the room with the same question about the same subject that no one will touch with a 10-foot pole. Example? Gender equality. Women cannot have it both ways (heyyyyyyy feminists) – you want to be treated equal but within that you also want to be treated better at the same time.

Not everyone wears a cape, I get that. But in a world with as many problems as ours (yes, there are lots, and if you can’t see that, then, well, you’re an idiot) the onus ultimately falls on us to create change and challenge assumptions within mainstream society.

To infinity and beyond! (fuckin’ eh Andy)


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