Merry F**cking Christmas

Merry post-Christmas.

It’s funny because that’s what this post is all about.

It all begins with the phrase Merry Christmas.

Immigrants, Christians, aliens, drifters. I honestly couldn’t care less who you are, where you came from, or what you choose, or choose not to, believe in. Yet, for me, and a lot of you, the simple idea of it now being frowned upon (it has been for a number of years) to utter the phrase ‘Merry Christmas’ is beyond comprehensible – and totally unfair. Because equality and fairness is what this world is all about now, no? Merry Christmas, to me, is nothing more than a phrase to wish someone a happy holiday – whatever holiday that might be, Christmas, or Ramadan, or Rosh Hashanah.

Lets back up the train a tad. The world is completely fucked. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. The middle-east is in shambles, but that’s nothing new, and I truly cannot begin to imagine what anyone living in that part of the world goes through on a daily basis. I, along with all of or most of you, have no idea. We take what we see in the media for face value, but it’s heavily construed for viewership. (that’s a topic for another day).

We over here in Canada live in a pretty damn great country – aside from the fact that we now share a border with a misogynistic, demeaning and goofy-looking asshole. Literally the worst person ever and everyone in the US should be disgusted at themselves. (again, a topic for another day).

We really don’t have too much to fret over – in my mind I like to think of ourselves as the Switzerland of the West, in that everyone likes to be friends with Canada. To be honest, I think the only ones who don’t are the typical US pricks – but how surprising is that seeing as how they just voted Donald into office? For the most part Canada sticks to being neutral and not doing anything overly drastic to signal that were open for attack, or even deserve it.

We live in a beautiful and vast country. A country in land-size that falls only behind Russia, but with a population a quarter of the size of our neighbours to the south. We have the unique ability to push open our doors and allow anyone who wants to begin a new life here that opportunity. But that’s the thing, it’s our country. We (well, not any of us alive today, per se) have fought and grown for our freedom and ability to live relatively peacefully, and for the most part, in harmony.

Could you imagine an instance in which a Canadian moves to Syria, or Turkey, or Afghanistan, or Cyprus, or even Germany or China for that matter, and attempted to instil our culture and our beliefs within their faith and customs? Could you imagine if a Canadian living in Syria was so offended at something that saw or heard that they created a big stink about it? I honestly cant. What do you think would happen? You’d get shot, or hung, or jailed, or whatever else it is they do over there. That’s the cold hard truth.

So, for it to essentially be socially unacceptable to utter the phrase of Merry Christmas because it may go against what you believed in in your past life, is complete ludacris. And I say past life because, really, that’s what it is. You left or escaped or sought refuge from wherever you came from. You left your country to come to ours, Canada, for what we have to offer, to establish and create a new and wonderful life where you and your family and your families family can thrive for years to come. But isn’t it almost counterintuitive to leave such a hell, a place where you fear for your life on a daily basis, and attempt to continue to live within the same customs and beliefs? I get (I honestly don’t) religion. You have the right to believe in whatever you believe in – a higher power or a certain custom or a certain belief.

If I, or you, or a business, wishes someone a Merry Christmas or provided marketing and advertising campaigns with the phrase Merry Christmas, and you take offense to it because it may go against what you ‘believe in’, well, then, go fly a frickin’ kite. I have no problem with people who wear turbans. I have no problem with people who pray multiple times a day. I have no problem with people who go to church on a regular basis. It’s your right. But I do have a problem when you try to change my culture. I grew up with Santa Claus and Merry Christmas. Not St. Nicholas and Happy Holidays.

Notice that I used the word people in that previous paragraph multiple times? It’s because that’s what we are, what we all are – people. Living on the same earth as everyone else. And, just in case you weren’t aware, there’s no fucking other place for anyone to go, so doesn’t it make sense to accept the fact that we all have to live together?

I get it, the aura Canada provides. The safeness. The ability to come to our country and be accepted for who you are. But accept us for who we are as well. Don’t try to weasel your frantic and dumbfounded emotions into our already established society. The society you wish to be a part of.

I can imagine I’m being ridiculed as you read this for the negativity and racial theme it may appear to have, and I’m not the least bit surprised, nor do I care. But take a step back for a second and think, is what you believe more important than what I believe? If you think so, ask yourself why. What makes your beliefs more important than mine? We may have been born in different times and in different countries and to different people and customs, but we were all born on the same planet. And like it or not, unless you got shortlisted for Elon Musk’s journey to Mars, it’s not going to change.

Merry Christmas.


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